Erica Borgato

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A few of the times you failed at motherhod.

“…You see stretch marks also on the hips, the belly, the
breasts. The breasts sag, the nipples not tilting up but shrugging off to the sides. The nipples are still the purple they darkened to in pregnancy, the colour of a next-day bruise.
The bellybutton is deep and uneven, big enough to swallow a fingertip to the first knuckle. The backside crinkles. The back folds. The arms are dry and blotchy. The face
– you can’t even look. You know you should be proud of this body. You should celebrate what it’s achieved and find it beautiful. You’ll get there. You think, you hope. You’ll get to know this person. But not yet. You put the shower on hot so that the mirror steams over.”

Kirsty Logan

Counterpoint Magazine

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